Video Tips

“Online video is social. People are drawn to online video and web series because they can interact with the channel in ways that they can’t with television. The ability for creators to interact with their viewers is key to the medium. So, speak to your audience, and listen to what they say. If you actively engage with your audience through your channel, it will pay off in the long run. Your fans will become your social advocates – empower them to grow awareness about your brand and spread the word.”

The Subject


Get in front of the camera

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Inspire and create the potential for impact

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Show Authenticity

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Evoke Excitement

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Capture Experiences That Glow

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Show Vulnerabilities

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Find the angle

Shoot from where others aren’t standing .... it’s more a matter of finding the exceptional shot that no one else has.
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Be Bold

I preach "no barriers" when shooting event photography. Don’t ask where you ‘can’ go, only where you "can’t" go. The "can’t" list is always much shorter. - Neil Zellers
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Be Social. Talk to people you shoot

Arrive early to watch the rehearsal if there is one and then find a way to talk with your subjects. Ask questions like "Do you have any surprises I should be ready for?" This is how you get the unique shots. - Neil Zellers
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Behind The Lens


Audio is Key

Take the time to record good audio and if possible record your video in a quiet place. You may also want to consider purchasing an external mic that plugs into your phone. Search “audio microphone” for your type of phone and review results.

Watch StoryGuide's YouTube audio tutorial and recommendations

Get Closer

Move closer to your subject. Doing so will capture emotion and define your subject. Medium and long shots work great for revealing location and ambiance.
Get Close

Hold the Camera Steady

Support the phone or camera with both hands and stabilize your arms against something sturdy if possible. Avoid blocking both the camera and the mic with your fingers.

Light it Up

Aim to record in well lit areas or through the use of spot lights and steady light sources.
If you can use natural or introduced light, do so by simply repositioning someone. This makes for much better portraits. You don’t want to overexpose an image to capture the scene because it may completely blow out the highlights on a person’s face.

Shoot Horizontally

Hold the camera horizontally to maintain consistency and to create the best possible image for you wide screen monitors.
Shoot Horizontal

Video Storage

Video files are large and can quickly max out the memory on your phone. Before recording, check the available memory on your device and memory cards.

Smart Phone

Apple iPhone Videos

World Gallery Films by Apple Shot on the iPhone 6

shot-on-iphone-by-jin-c shot-on-iphone-by-erica-a shot-on-iphone-by-cocu-l shot-on-iphone-by-cielo-d shot-on-iphone-by-araby-p shot-on-iphone-by-antoine-d shot-on-iphone-by-amar-r

YouTube tutorial on how to shoot better video on your phone.

Mobile Video