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The Art of Crowd Funding

Over the past year, I’ve become a lot more open and appreciative of the concept of open source business models. The idea in business is untraditional, but makes a lot of sense if your willing to take a risk. The following video is a TED.com presentation of Amanda Palmer talking about her successes, connections and relationships she’s discovered through Crowd Funding… the idea of letting people pay for something (not making them pay). Enjoy!

The currency of the new economy is trust

One of the most common themes I’ve heard from watching tech start-up interviews such as Pando Monthly, The Dragons Den, and TED Talks is that everything starts with people, not necessarily the product or concept of the business itself. Here is a TED Talks video of Rachel Botsman discussing the importance of trust and why its fueling creative new open source business models. It’s a great watch for everyone. Check it out.

Link to Video on TED Talks