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Canon EOS C100

After a lot of research and deliberation on whether or not to buy into 4K video technology (what some people are calling the future of video), I made my decision on what to buy based on the following criteria:

  1. Better pixels vs more pixels.
  2. Cost of camera and additional equipment
  3. Overall intent of use.

After a few late nights researching Twitter, YouTube and Google for everything I could find on the subject, I finally came to the conclusion that 4K video (4000 pixels wide) wasn’t worth the cost at this point (2013), especially when television networks only embraced HD technology a year ago. Sure, the movie industry needs it for the big screen, but I’m not shooting for the big screen. I’m shooting for the YouTube audience who watches video on the computer, tablets, phones, and hopefully soon, Apple’s long anticipated television set.

In the end, the camera I ended up buying is Canon’s EOS C100 with the Sony Nex FS100 coming a close second.

Canon EOS C100

Here’s why I chose the Canon EOS 100:

  • Amazing image quality using the CMOS image censor.
  • Ergonomics of the camera.
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • XLR audio
  • Amazing low light capabilities
  • Price

Unfortunately, the canon, doesn’t shoot at 1080/60p, fortunately we can work around this using software like Twixtor.