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Four Simple Steps To Staying Creative

As kids, we grow up as dreamers, thinking big and letting our imaginations run wild, but over time, our responsibilities begin to overlap shrinking our creative process in exchange other responsibilities.

There is however a system for starting your day. Here are a couple of pointers:

  1. Give yourself extra time after you wake up, read for half an hour, but not the news. Reading will stimulate your brain, and if you drink coffee (or anything caffeinated), also do that. I do know some people don’t like reading, and if this is you, make sure to set easy limits. Find a subject that interests you and get started.
  2. Go for a walk or run. This is where the caffeine comes in handy and will push you to work harder and burn more calories.
  3. Staying creative at all levels. Taking action, start small and work your way into something bigger.
  4. Keep a notebook or paper and pencil with you at all times. Ideas come and go all the time. Write them down, draw them out and filter out the bad ones later. Ideas will begin to build upon themselves and this is a great way to grow.

My goal in writing this is also to stay creative, grow my business and hopefully someday write a book.


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, 2014

On a recent trip Australia, I had the opportunity to tour one of the most amazing buildings I’d ever seen – the Sydney Opera House. The shape for the towers reminded me of sails on a boat. For me, this was an inspiration for adventure and a reminder to keep living, exploring and learning. While walking through the hallways and various rooms, films and stories of the past presented the building’s incredible challenges and history.

During the drafting and design stage, engineering problems arose concerning budget and time constraints for construction. The architect spent months wrapping his head around possible solutions, but nothing came until the eleventh hour — Deconstructing sections from a sphere would perfectly shape the different towers of building. Discovering the challenges and solutions behind this extraordinary site was amazing. It reaffirmed the fact that simplicity is key to all great things.

In 2007, Sydney Opera House was formally recognized as one of the most outstanding places on Earth with its inclusion on theUNESCO World Heritage List.