Video Creation For Coaching and Promotion

Enable coaches and athletes the opportunity to construct a deeper knowledge about their sport including mental awareness, step by step analysis, slow motion video and voice over narrations. We provide an incredible experience customized to fit your needs. Upload your photos and videos for Design Cause to edit. Receive easy to understand proofs to comment on during all stages of the process.

Simplify The Process

Increase coach / athlete communications through the use of video. Design Cause has the potential to play a significant role in the development of skills and talents of any athlete.
Save time and money on expensive production costs and crowd source or share your own content from anywhere. Remove the complications of editing and let us do the dirty work for you. We love what we do and will do a great job.

Market Your Skills

Take yourself to the next level in your sport through self promotional videos. Sponsors look for this. To start, get out and shoot video with your friends or family, then transfer the footage to us for editing.


Publish your video anywhere. The opportunities are endless.

Set The Tone

Design Cause provides you with the best third party music providers to find the perfect song for you. Choose from thousands of professional audio tracks available to suit your needs.