We have a passion for marketing and love what we do!

Our focus and ambition lies in the art of story telling and figuring out ways to share it and make your story ‘stick’. The success of our work lies in the word itself:

Simple: Find the core, share the core
Unexpected: Surprise and interest
Concrete: Help people understand and remember, help people coordinate
Credible: Help people believe
Emotional: Make people care, Use the power of association, appeal to self interest, appeal to identity.
Stories: Get people to act, simulation, inspiration.

Go Further

Custom Slideshow Presentations focus on bringing life’s most defining moments to you by combining photos and video’s into one beautifully edited presentation that you can use while at Celebrations, Life Events, Weddings, Graduations and more.
HD Video and Editing caters specifically to producing amazing looking HD video. Use video to document events and capture the incredible moments in business and in life.
Free Strategic Brand Consulting delivers two hours of professional guidance to all Calgary based businesses looking for better returns on all branding investments. We will listen to your goals, objectives and current state of operations before analyzing and providing feedback and positive suggestions.