Design Cause will work closely with you to develop your business, build your brand and increase sales potential. Adding brand recognition to your business can be a fun, especially if you’re passionate about what you do and we hope that you are.

Social Media

Gone are the days, when having a business card and a website got you the attention you were looking for. With the rise of Social Media, more and more companies are being left in the wake of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a long list of others.

  • Facebook now has around 700 million users.
  • YouTube users watch more than 3 billion videos every single day.
  • Twitter has over 190 million users since it’s launch in 2006.

Design Cause will implement the most popular social media sites directly into your website allowing you to create a better customer experience. You’ll easily be able to track visitors, make changes and updates on the fly and allow for better communication and dialogue.

Marketing rates are $50 with optional contract terms available.