Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

Buy A Tee, Build A House!

All profits from the sale of our shirts goes to support Brad and Shawna’s 2013 Habitat for Humanity trip to Zambia from now until May 17th… or until we reach our fundraising goal. Check out our progress below. Visit the Habitat for Humanity donation pages for Brad Hays and Shawna Sharp.

One of the most rewarding things people can do is volunteer time and energy to help others. It’s often a lot of hard work, especially when that thing is building a house, but with a little sweat and tears anything can be accomplished. In June 2013, Shawna and Brad will be traveling to Zambia on a Habitat for Humanity / Global Village trip to help a family and a community build a home and a safe place to grow up. Please join us from now until May and help us fundraise and build this house. Read More.

Zambia Habitat House Fundraiser

Visit the Habitat for Humanity donation pages for Brad Hays and Shawna Sharp.

How it works

Like a kids colouring book, our Habitat house is black and white, but with your generosity and support, we can work together to colour it brick by brick and see it slowly come to life. Each brick, no matter big or small cost $15 (including labour) — there are 328 bricks on the house. Once the house is complete, the picture will come to life, so tell your friends, family and neighbours to join the cause and help bring magic to this picture and to the lives of the families in Zambia.

For visit Habitat for Humanity / Global Village for more information about the organization.

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