Photograph of a Woman

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Brad and I had a wonderful afternoon. I had set up to photograph a woman I know (nearly all from Facebook), who I met her at a Ploughshares Sale (St Davids United Church). She is pregnant with her second child. Her older boy is about 3 and she was pregnant with him when I first met her. I knew she was expecting again from her Facebook postings and that she was nearing her due date. Well, with the world in a tizzy about the royal baby I thought: why not feature a pregnant lady wearing a Minkha Sweater. I asked Evelyn and she agreed so we waited until the sweaters arrived from Edmonton and Cochabamba. Evelyn is in her last month and we had to get a date now pressured by having the sweaters for sale this Saturday and only a few would do considering the condition Evelyn is in.

Tonight was the night. How to work everything in? Our model would be home at five, the Flames game would be starting at seven and it was the last game we had tickets for this season. There were a few glitches and Brad worried about rush hour traffic (somebody has to do that part of it). She was so sweet! 30 minutes was all it took at her house and we have the cutest pictures that you can imagine.

Story by Ellis B.

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