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Artists, this section is for you! This is where you will find the stories you need to help bring your designs to life. Due to the fact Artica is a brand new project as of 2013, we need you to spread the word and begin submitting your own stories. Get creative and write from your own experiences and memories. Small businesseses and Non Profits are also encouraged to submit stories… it is a great opportunity to raise awareness and even support your cause.

Submitting a Design

  1. All designs must be based off a story > Read Stories
  2. You must be registered to choose a story. > Register Here
  3. All formats accepted, even paper.
  4. If needed, we will digitize your design

Design "Thanks For All The Good Times"
“Shortly after my grandmother had passed away, while I was still newly grieving her loss, I went skiing. At the top of one of the chairlifts, I looked around me and was in such great awe of my surroundings. I then felt my grief turn to gratitude in a magical moment when my feeling changed from “I miss Grandma” to “Thanks for all the time I had with Grandma”. I smiled and felt at peace.” Shop for this design