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Inspiring People

Inspiring People

Entrepreneurs we look up to who have inspired Design Cause and Artica through their stories, ideas, action and entrepreneurship. Thank you.

Kevin Rose is a former American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk. He is now a partner at Google Ventures.
Sarah Lacy is an American technology journalist, author, and has now founded the technology news site PandoDaily.
Jason Calacanis is an American Internet entrepreneur and blogger and runs the online interview series, This Week in Startups.
Jake Nickell is the founder of the innovative, online t-shirt site,
Jay Adelson is an American Internet entrepreneur who has founded and run numerous successful online business
Chris Sacca is a venture investor, public speaker, private equity adviser, and former employee of Google Inc.
Yvon Chouinard is an environmentalist, outdoor industry businessman, author and founder of Patagonia.

The Art of Crowd Funding

Over the past year, I’ve become a lot more open and appreciative of the concept of open source business models. The idea in business is untraditional, but makes a lot of sense if your willing to take a risk. The following video is a presentation of Amanda Palmer talking about her successes, connections and relationships she’s discovered through Crowd Funding… the idea of letting people pay for something (not making them pay). Enjoy!

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Free Strategic Brand Consulting delivers two hours of professional guidance to all Calgary based businesses looking for better returns on all branding investments. We will listen to your goals, objectives and current state of operations before analyzing and providing feedback and positive suggestions.

Free Strategic Brand Consulting

Custom Slideshow Presentations

New custom logo design to help brand and promote “Custom Slideshow Presentation.” This area of focus specializes all of life’s defining moments, such as Celebrations of Life, Weddings, Graduations and more. Visit the Graphic Design page or reach us through the Contact page.

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