The Rise of Crowdsourcing and Project Collaboration in Video and Why it Matters

Every day, the world is becoming more connected.Through the use of smartphones, we are able to do things never before possible. Video production is no different. Tools for quality content and collaboration are here to stay. Companies like Apple, GoPro, WeTransfer, and DropBox are leading the way for new ideas and startups to grow from.

Crowdsourcing and project collaboration is creating opportunities for people to share visual content with like-minded people to create dynamic, emotionally engaged videos. (See video below)

As technology becomes smaller and smarter, we are becoming more mobile and adverse in the way we approach video production. The ease and quality in video is also improving. By combining quality, crowdsourcing and collaboration, we have entered into an area of production rarely seen before.

Innovative audiences are better engaging themselves to capture a variety of creative and interesting angles. For example, wedding / reception videos are filled with emotionally connected close ups of family, friends and the bride and groom. Festival organizers now have audiences filming themselves to allow great cuts from the band. Businesses are also working on project collaboration and team training videos. The same opportunities also apply to many other areas including travel, real estate, sports, arts, culture, and non profit.

The system is easy. Shoot what you want, filter out the bad shots and transfer the content. Video editors will tag and database your clips with keywords and work collaboratively with the client to edit an amazing video for you to love and share.

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Video Infographic

I’ve been working on a new infographic for Design Cause over the past few days and am finally happy with the result. It is being used to promote our extended line of video services which include: personal, business, real estate, arts and culture, sports and non-profit solutions.

We are now on the hunt for new clients. If you have a project on the go you would like professionally shot or edited, send us a message through our contact page.

Video Infographic

River Passage Park

After extensive public consultation, The City of Calgary, Inglewood Community Association, and parks Foundation are developing the edge of Pearce Estate and Harvey Passage into an area called River Passage Park. The site will open in Fall 2014. Read more about the park here.

Barb Scott Park – Chinook Arc

Despite some rain, the opening of the Barb Scott Park turned was a huge success. Hundreds showed up over the noon hour ceremony to listen to presenters including Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Later in the evening, celebrations continued featuring live jazz music, games, food and the interactive colours of the public art installation, ‘Chinook Arc’. Artists Blessing Handcock and Joe O’Connell were on hand to introduce and explain it. I was there with Design Cause to video and document the whole thing. Please check back by late June to see it.

Barb Scott Park – Chinook Ach

Official opening of the Barb Scott Park and the Chinook Arc public art installation.

Ribbon cutting at Barb Scott Park

Ribbon cutting at Barb Scott Park with Rob Taylor, Naheed Nenshi, Joe O’Connell, Blessing Hancock and Evan Woolley