The Nightmare Eater

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“This story was inspired by my son, after for the first time explaining to me what he dreams (nightmares and such), and how sometimes he needs a nightmare eater to take away those bad dreams.”

The Nightmare Eater

It lives in my heart and protects it ferociously. Black and slick. Gaining size when my mind gets invaded by bad dreams.

It waits. Patiently setting traps and brushing its teeth, preparing for one unlucky dream or another to attempt breaking down those gates.

I burst through my door! Fearful, scared, out of breath. The Slick gives a gremlin grin and gleefully rubs its hands together. It looks at me, bends down and softly pats my shoulder and wordlessly comforts me.

It slinks to the gate and in one long slurp and several heart pounding chomps, the nightmares are eaten or have retreated. Safe to sleep another night.

Story by Natalie J.