Our Story

A Community Built On Sharing

Design Cause began in 2011 when founder/designer Brad Hays, became interested in crowdsourcing and the sharing community.

In 2013, I became fascinated in the idea of sharing discoveries, ideas and content. With my own experience and while sitting behind a computer as a designer, I have had the fortune of listening and learning from today’s leading startup founders like Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Jake Nickell and Bryan Chesky. Doing so has brought insight into the importance of staying creative, staying focused and of course, sharing. I believe that the convergence of technology, creativity and ambition is leading us to better connected communities of creative thinkers and doers. What if you could see through the eyes of fans in a crowd, the musicians backstage or food vendors cooking? We want to create an experience like this for everything. Video sharing and collaboration will take you as deep into the experience as a vivid dream or a good book.

Brad Hays

Ellis Bartkiewicz

Calgary Cityscape